3 largest Monotheistic Religions

The three religions that are considered as the most influential and prominent monotheistic religions around the various parts of the world are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The origin of Judaism dates back first around 1200 B.C. before Christianity and Islam.

The holy book of Judaism is called TENAKH which also includes TORAH; which is a compilation of Hebrew bibles first five books namely the book of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The printed and bound book form of TORAH is called Chumash. TORAH is basically the compilation of Jewish religion teachings and code of conduct on spiritual, religious and day to day life.

The same holy religious text which is called TENAKH is called OLD TESTAMENT by the CHRISTIANS who are the believers of the monotheistic religion which dates back to 1st century AD called CHRISTIANITY.

Christians believe,follow and worship JESUS CHRIST as the son of God about whom it was prophesized in the Hebrew bible or the Old Testament as the coming of the Messiah to save the humanity and religion too from the atrocities of the evil.

The central religious text of Christianity is called The Bible; which is an anthology of instructions and teachings available for its followers written in various forms like poetry, psalms, narratives, parables, wisdom sayings. Christianity is the largest religion in the world in terms of the number of the believers compared to any other religion.

ISLAM is considered as the world’s second largest religion. Originated in the 7th century near Mecca this monotheistic religion follows the teachings of their first divine Islamic Prophet Muhammad compiled in their holy text called HOLY QURAN. The QURAN talks about the ideal daily behaviors to be followed by its believers and also about the pillars of ISLAM. Followers of this religion are generally divided in two major sub-sects namely SHIA and SUNNI.  

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