A review of the George Orwell’s 2 most famous book of all times namely Animal Farm and 1984.

Animal Farm
By George Orwell

(Book is only 130 pages long)

An amazing piece of work.

Don’t go on the novel’s title and think that it might be one of those kids based novels. It is an amazing piece of work published in 1945, which takes up the satirical theme of illusionistic communist ideology and history, set in the allegorical world with animals working on a farm which is obviously controlled by Humans.

But then in hope of free and equal society for their animals community, they starts a revolution against their human owner to change the situation, (Yes, you can bring Marxism into this) and get rid of Humans and make a society where all the animals are equal and are not second to anyone.

In the beginning they even succeeds in taking the power in their own hands from the humans but then after some time Things starts going wrong in their ideal utopian world and dirty politics and brainstorming gets started among the animals of different class and hierarchical level which results into oligarchy and tyrannical rule by the pig named Napoleon over other animals of the farm.

In the ends there state and conditions becomes even more worse than their earlier condition when they were ruled by their human master. On a subtle level, it can be considered as a political satire filled with layered and symbolic meanings.


A world created with Dystopian + Utopian mindset by our very own George Orwell who gave us none other than 1984, another novel which is set in Dystopian Society.


Trivia – The author was born in India itself, at Motihari, in Bihar.


A very brilliantly written novel with the un-put-down-able story. It won’t leave you till a very long time after you have completed it. It is a dystopian social science fiction novel.

An engaging story set in future, (as the book was written in 1940s) revolving around a Dystopian world where everything is controlled by the Government and all people have no thoughts of their own but just what Government (Inner Party) wants them to think.

Where thinking is actually a crime and you can be executed for it.

Where history is re-written again and again as per the need of the hour. Where every act of yours is scrutinized by the government. Where even falling in love is a crime and you can be taken to Room 101, which contains the World’s Biggest Horror (to find out which horror, read the book).

This novel on symbolic and metaphoric level presents how even the genuineness and honesty can be easily controlled and be presented in false and manipulated manner. This novel talks about the consequences of absolutism and despotism. A must read novel for every person interested in Political Science as it deals with it very closely.

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