Abhigyan Shakuntalam: dramatizing valor, aestheticism and beauty

Abhigyan Shakuntalam: dramatizing valor, aestheticism and beauty

Kalidasa is known as genius of ancient Sanskrit drama and his mastery over literature and his popularity remains the same even today in modern world as he considered as finest composer in literary history and in the scenario of Indian poetics he dominates especially through this particular composition of valor. The chief feature of this play in consideration, Abhigyan Shakuntalam, is how he produces the artistic brilliance where every line and illustration is an example of Indian tradition and mythology. The art of his writing through which he impresses his readers, on the basis of poetic compound form, like description of the exploration is marvelous and exemplary.

Kalidasa’s work achieved optimum popularity within short period of time and achieved accolades and garnered much deserved appreciation and attention. This shows his universal standing in the authoria category, where his dominance comes in the form of poetic expression in sense of Rasa of every way and this Sringar Rasa, the beauty of aesthetic pleasure in the artistic composition which provides the continuous pleasure of reader and travels through journey of body to mind towards soul consciousness, where Indian Purusha and Prakiti meets. Dualism believes that everything happens with the contact of these two, whether sense object first get knowledge then aesthetic pleasure. Indian Aesthetic believes the way of living through the mode of nature which govern whole universe, in their way Satvic, Tamsic, Rasic, where scripture Gita says that everything happening in universe, nature as the creator is only medium. The composition this play reveals the mysticism of spirituality where loves does everything whether anybody want to achieve god or any physical worldly gain. The manner of love as Kalidasa explored in his works is example of transcendental or immortal like the way whatever he descripts in earlier work the ‘love’ remain one of the finest topic for him, how he expressed his creativity by using natural thing to explore the separation of love and intensity of pain of separation works simultaneously whether inspirationally or emotionally got beautification in Sringara how he explore, the way he present towards narration.

Kalidasa has greatly awarded as courtier of that contemporary emperor, one of the nine gems in court. His beautification of nature in any text is remarkable in sense of how the way he presented in like “Meghdutam” or other work of his writing. Kalidasa known for his scenery of nature including the representation and allowance for dramatization marks his creative brilliance and position as an artist.
In this play, king Dushayanta on the way towards forest for hunting met Shakuntala, an apsara (angel), he falls in love and has Gandharva Vivah (marriage). Circumstances lead the king to have to go far but he gives Shakuntala a ring for memory. A Sage Durvasa being ignored by her curses her with forgetfulness which stated that her lover would cease to have any memory of their relationship and only upon seeing a token of their love will he remember their marriage. Later that ring found though a fisherman is brought to the King as he regains the memory. While during this Bharata born who plays with lion like characteristics we find ourselves regarding him. Other characters include Primvada, sage Durvasa, Menaka, sage Kanva (adopted father of Shakuntala).
Every relation of this play is with that position where the level of expression gets moreclear like when Primvada prays on behalf of Shakuntala for betterment of her friend. However relationship gets more complex where fate plays a vital role in the scenario in the concept of acquired knowledge get the absolute phenomena of life where the every aspect of life becomes more complex, whatever in this beginning with normal story as Mahabharata but later becomes more complex as we sees Srinagara of allurement or beauty of description in this achieves at one place in form of Karuna, as we know Sringara, highly attainable in love perspective where the every emotions and situation gets the complexity of mind and through the character in this play however narration became the vital aspect of this play, where Shakuntala, Being Apsara, born on water and other types of expression in sringara, where love dominates everyway and time specifies the virtue of character where how he gets the scene in the form of incident the former aspects of this, Sringara glorifies in many way where various aspect generates in sense of how each character represent in it. Shakuntala, being nature’s daughter as in this play, originally daughter of Apsara as known, beautification of divine aspect in this play. However Kalidasa’s work usually explores Shiva-Shakti aspect, how love and mysticism comes in equal form of way, where his work as natural inspiration from woman and loving quality also represent in it, simultaneously, the way of representation of Kalidasa’s expressed view in his work toward nature beauty and glorification through aesthetic pleasure and divine spiritiual knowledge, ‘woman’ rated as main prospects of prakiti as mysticism and Purusha refers to Shiva, as we know Prakiti and Purusha in ‘One’, in sense of unities of power and structure as physical or spiritual point of view. As ‘Shakti’ consider the pattern structure on every aspect, consider by Kalidasa, like in this ply woman presented in highly romantic character as well as mystic power and inspiration contain within it, the way he present ‘Dualism’ of Indian philosophy is reputed place in origin of nature, as we know, sringara as loves highly state of that, other way karuna ras separation in love and unity of love explores many aspect of time where every thought collapsed in sense of separation. Kalidasa recoiled in two wy one in unity another in separation, in unity of love, natural beautification and divine aspect between human and god relationship contained it but in separation of love, every aspect and various panorama of virtue got stuck, where mind specially get complex and every aspect stop functions even pain of separation in love seen in many places most difficult part of every creature as well as Kalidasa also uses same attributes how pain of separation, torment, motivates and unites through the past incidents the chief of these represent the major ideal scenario in this play.
However, Kalidasa uses Shiva-Shakti for show the ‘Oneness’ concept of being ‘one’ the way his poetic composition stands in the form of great recoiled manner in fortunate part of it the symbolic love or ‘token of love’, Ring reaches that level where everything become more complexity in each way the particularity of mind and character with it reproduce in new vigor and zeal in this play however, Kalidasa produces each and every aspect of life but basically focuses on love his love is divine and highly transcendental quality where thing can be collapsed but pain of separation and unity never fail, this also medium of to achieve divinity within it, howsoever happens in world, love guides every steps of life, the focus of his writing are on sringara, highly physical and transcendental love where he juncture or mixtures the divinity with p physical attributes with same fervor of time. His work highly on the basis on the idealistic concept of love and glorification of it, stands in row of genius category who put love as Sringara highly transforming divinity and physical phenomena of it.
Kalidasa uses both aspect in this play love mystically and separation, which explores Karuna however the ways of pain remain in heart of lover generally don’t get rid of that circumstances in life, this is like kindle fire within heart which always burns like the time and beyond the time this recollects all the other aspect of attributes whatever is to be attain, attainment becomes possible by this however this represent the ideal consideration of thought whether it would be happen or not it depends upon time but only the maturity of individual can assure the likewise situation comes, and torment time by time. This type of situation always remains in every person or creature’s attributes towards each and every point of life. Abhigyanshakuntalam mostly represented love in both, love in unity and pleasure also in unity, however separation torture most of any other in world , where everything becomes dry in aspect of separation how Shakuntala lost in own thought and awareness of sage Durvasa not realizes her sense of present of him, shows the vitality of pain, how dominates in the form everyway which revolving always same as pain of turmoil begun in sense of the separation and forget of past incident shows the vital exposition of thought where every emotion of human tendency got complicated, whatever happen in form of separated one the particular aspect of the other symptom of how we look at his point, like Karuna, Where King Dushyanta lost his memory or Shakuntala’s separated life being earlier pleasant and now, life of seclude one. Shakuntala being this conditions shows the other aspects of love that represent both unity and separation, like unity in sense of past incident and separation from in present in physical point of powerful emotion but mental, united with whatever happened in past recoiling continually in mind every time in Shakuntal, this shows vitality of both aspect Karuna and Sringara in form of past and present.
Kalidasa’s Abhigyanshakuntalam is a masterpiece and exemplary of his literary genius. The marvelous compotion of this play is constituted in the art of Indian aesthetic which determines the way of thought, and provides rich sringar in this play. The embodiment of love determines the value of its own which further makes it a play of remerence, where Shakuntala finds her lost memory. Kalidasa’s Abhigyanshakuntalm is, as we know originally in Sanskrit literature, one of pioneer language of worldwide, greatest, circulated, most ancient works known for particular panorama, which sketched by the time to time, various writers in sequence of Indian literary compositions.
Abhigyanshakuntalam for a genuine piece of author Kalidasa, who better perform through various as well as act and expression and emotions which dominates every human emotions how this goes far, we find in this play where confusion and memory overwhelmed the self owing to lack of recognition of relationships. This reflects the genius art of author who further dominates though various illustrations, examples of love through variety of way to express own feelings towards loved one, like Meghdutam, nature depicted as messenger of feeling of love to reach loved one, shows the intensity of writing power of how emotion are chief components of every human being and even sign of love and nature play a vital part to perform this as many scriptures of our interpretation of any formal understanding towards how any further description we will get, this will come only reader-response, which shows the way what we get into text of any work of author or any piece of literature.
In this seven act play, each enacted co-exist and is enactment, that represents the coherent and how love requires no ordinary or extraordinary contemporary composition to happen, this only requires to see how we understand love and how or which aspects we take as inspiration or degradation of moral values as many examples exist, in Mahabharata, the epic, which this play originally manifested or was constructed by author. How this goes beyond the life and again comes on ground intense of ‘Rasa’ and their Sthayi and Aasthyi bhava comes in both together which combines in togetherness who formulates human emotions and rules every human being as we know, this happens to everyone’ with but somehow everybody’s quantity level or level of expression may be vary from one to other person, this shows the quality of emotions. Whatever we get or mixed in relationships of particular aspects depends upon emotion and Rasa of every human.
The human tendency is to aspire for a particular approach in life, related to its well concern. In this Kalidasa’s geniuses reflects through the characteristics of everyone, which includes the mythological touch or connect. Like Indra, and other relation towards Mahabharata, where this originates. In this play, Kalidasa glorifies the concept of love in Indian mythology where love remains the transcendental force of every stimulus behind every life .Love can be understood through living and seldom finds it difficult to but in this play, where every emotion of human can conquered by love.
This is great inspirational aspect of every phenomenon of human emotions which can be derived from it and goes or end here, at very beginning of play Shakuntala, Daughter of heavenly, connection with divine one, lives in hermit of sage who further went to pilgrimage during this period Dushyanta, King of Hatinapur, come and ask for quench his thirst..King fell in love with Shakuntala and married her in Gandharva way and before leving for war he gave to her ring for his but later fate of human life enters in life of Shakuntala where sage Durvasa cursed her to forget for her ignorance towards him for hostility but later begging lot of for Primyavada sage said that memory will come only ring or object will come in front of finally, anyhow Shakuntal and dushayanta reunited and meanwhile Bharata was born for his bravery and courageous spirit our country known as his ‘name’.
Ahigyanshakuntalam, known for its compositions of rasa in the sense of emotion features every human universally, which further enriches the virtue of love, as we know this pain through love, as more as well as torments in emotionally, mentally and every way.
This way we find the power of love how human suffers but encouragement comes from within it. How far we travel in the path of we chosen earlier finds the way we should remain in the right track, but nature always play vital role in every phenomena or perspective of life where domination goes always in the form of ideal. This things depicted in Abhigyanshakuntalam, by Kalidasa, his literary composition, is eventually an excellent work in term of love, which always remains divine force or work force of encouragement, but how Kalidasa presented, shows his power of literary composition. The description made by him in this play about love, reflects the source of divine love, reflects the source of divine love and how can become vital in life and human fate, as narrated in many character through different time and perspective . However Kalidasa, his genius literary form of using Rasa, however Shakuntala’s beautification through description of natural flow shows us of his commands over writing and also done in earlier one Mahabharata and another one this play.
Kalidasa, great master of Sanskrit literature, his mastery over the expression of thought through the character which he depicts in his work who dominates by the virtue of own becomes universal like Abhigyanshakuntalam, reflection of literary genre of his artful expression which can be understand by seeing the depth of any particular character in this play like Dushyanta, Sakuntala, Primavada, other ,but how composition made by him, remarkable thing which we should focus first Shakespeare dramatic genius one thing and other hand Kalidasa literary vastness in sense of perfection, comes on the top of own as well as other age, even sringara comes through love but how felt in heart and expression comes one way dryness but another way hope of positivity always remain there. In this when separation reaches the level of dryness all world seems dull, nothing feels by sense or emotion chokes the every functioning of human cycle of daily activity where Shakuntala curse by sage because she lost in thought of remembrance.
Abhigyanshakuntalam,major example of the enriching quality of love exposure in large manner, where every word, sentence narrates the marvelous variety of love and descriptions about love which deeply influences us in long as possible, as said love platonic or bodily embraces the virtues of every aspects of divinity within it as expressed in this play, where romances of couple gets the touch of natural bonding of them who further categorize the standing of how suffer each one in pain by love and for love. Love, emotionally attracts every beings but later becomes bottleneck stuck which can’t be swallow and vomit it. It defines life new way in human emotion in every area of physical world as expression, we know that love is supreme inn all and medium of to reach any destination either physical world or heaven as beliefs, this can be understood by go through of this play’s characters where every character of particular approaches comes and exposition of thought and deed reflects the chief feature of every character as chief feature of every character as Primayavda prays to sage for Shakuntala’s curse pardon, she says that separation of her husband forgets everything which cause you cursed her. Again the love how explores the way whatever we expect from love we can get from it, if we want physical power or transcendental capability of how life goes around all time. The major theme of this ply revolves around the Shakuntala’s love and forget fullness of memory which further exploration has come in form of recognition of ring which earlier given to her by kung Dushyanta.
This can be understood as how nature and fate plays vital role of any individuals where such kind of emotion dominant in nature, time come to forget everything this shows the three modes of nature which lies every human being and bondage and cooperation of mutual understanding, everything got hammered by time or nature who lays turn in this play, how every human emotion and rasa which is origin of all normal pros and cons of human condition which further description in the various scripture of Indian ancient context as applicable in nowadays time and perspective. Whatever we explores in any direction actually based on own inbuilt emotion and cultivated forces behind that who develops the way whatever we do or think as Shakuntala thinks about the nature and purity of own personality reflects the habits of living in hermitage, sign of satvic attributes of divinity who further explores her quality in different way as Kalidasa glorified her character in this play. This also represented the ancient or contemporary pious personalities whoever we compare from that whatever we assume in sense of universal appeal of dramatic expression by natural description made more charming phenomena in her character shows genuine art of Kalidasa’s perfection.

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